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Materiał dostępny za lata 1988-2012

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Dział bibliografii:  Literatury obce
 - Literatura amerykańska
  - Historia literatury (amerykańska)
Rodzaj zapisu:  książka w haśle rzeczowym
Dział bibliografii:  Literatura współczesna (amerykańska)
Tytuł:  Walking on a trail of words. Essays in honor of professor Agnieszka Salska
Osoby współtworzące:  Red. Zbigniew Maszewski. Red. Jadwiga Maszewska
Wydawnictwo: Łódź: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Rok wydania:  2007
Opis fizyczny książki:  377 s., [2] k. tabl. kolor., il.
Adnotacje:  [Zawiera:] Part I: The Nineteenth Century: Joseph C. Schoepp: "We come out to Europe to learn what man can -" Emerson's Grand Tour of 1833. - Marek Wilczyński: Ars oblivionis. The American Dream to Forget. - Richard P. Profozich: Self-Reliance: American Exceptionalist Foreign Policy and the Writing of Ralph Waldo Emerson. - Barton Levi St. Armand: Letting Science Slide: Existential Luminism and Utopian Luminescence in Thoreau. - Zbigniew Maszewski: Poe's Philisophy of Composition and Arcimboldo's Composite Heads. - Magdalena Zapędowska: Severed Heads and Beautiful Engines: "The Springfield Republican", Sensationalism, and the Technological Sublime. - Jane Donahue Eberwein: Emily Dickinson and "the weight of glory". - Cristianne Miller: Poetry, Society, and the American Civil War. * Part II: Twentieth-Century Poetry and Poetics: Heinz Ickstadt: Hart Crane's Columbus - The Poet's Voyage in Search of the Incarnate Word. - Alicja Piechucka: "A Journey, and Such a Long Journey:" Cosmpolitanism and Rootlessness in T. S. Eliot and the French Symbolists. - David R. Pichaske: Reclaiming the Author, Recovering the Text: Its [Sic] Time [dot. T. S. Eliota]. - Paulina Ambroży-Lis: When a Sycamore Becomes an Albino Giraffe - On the Tension Between the Natural and the Artifical in Marianne Moore's "The Sycamore". - Jerzy Jarniewicz: To Be or to Be? Facts and Interpretations in W[illiam]. C[arlos]. Williams' Reading of Breughel's "Icarus" - Grażyna Zygadło, Stephen Tapscott: La Malinche: Translation, Globalization, and the Lyric Tradition. - Grzegorz Kość: Translanting the Nerve Center into Pure Language: Robert Lowell's "Creative Misprision" of Ezra Pound's Translation Project. - Kacper Bartczak: Poetry of Externality: John Ashbery, Wallace Stevens, and Walt Whitman. - Kevin Magee: Laughter and Fatality in Frank O'Hara, Jack Spicer and Stephen Jonas. - Agata Preis-Smith: From Metonymy to Metaphor: The Rhetoric of Charlse Reznikoff's "Holocaust". * Part III: Krzysztof Andrzejczak: Friendship and the American Duality; Raflection on Saul Bellow's "Ravelstein". - Kate Delaney: After the Wall: Jewish Identity and Post-Corld-War Writing. - Krzysztof Majer: "Healthy, Virily Hate:" Retribution for the Holocaust in Mordecai Richler's "St. Urbain's Horseman". - Jerzy Durczak: An Unsentimental Journey to Mexico: Richard Rodriguez's "Days of Obligation". - Noel Polk: Faulkner and the Commies. - Peter Nicolaisen: The Self against the Traditional Order: Peter Taylor's "Venus, Cupid, Folly and Time", "The Old Forest", and "In the Miro District". - Gudrun M. Grabher: Working Mother: A Comparative Analysis of Marisol [Escobar]'s Art Piece "Working Woman" and Tillie Olsen's Short Story "I Stand Here Ironing". - Joanna Durczak: On the Transforming Energy' Side: T. C. Boyle's "A Friend of the Earth". * Noty o autorach.
Proweniencja:  Rekord powstał w oparciu o otwarte dane bibliograficzne Biblioteki Narodowej (https://data.bn.org.pl)
Numer zapisu:  1358139 (IMP)