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English version
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Materiał dostępny za lata 1988-2012

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Dział bibliografii:  Literatury obce
 - Literatura amerykańska
  - Historia literatury (amerykańska)
Rodzaj zapisu:  książka w haśle rzeczowym
Dział bibliografii:  Literatura współczesna (amerykańska)
Tytuł:  The poetics of America. Explorations in the literature and culture of the United States
Język:  eng
Osoby współtworzące:  Red. Agata Preis-Smith, Marek Paryż
Wydawnictwo: Warsaw: English Institute University of Warsaw
Rok wydania:  2004
Opis fizyczny książki:  257 s., il.
Adnotacje:  [Zawiera m.in.:] Foreword. I. Signifying landscapes: - John R. Leo: Realism and Representation: Cosidering Some Images. - Marek Paryż: Passage to (more than) India: The Poetics and Politics of Walt Whitman's Textualization of the Orient. - Andrew S. Gross: The American Guide Series: Tourism, Consumerism and Managing Space. - Nancy Burke: The Individual in Urban Space: Some Perspectives of American an Canadian Fiction. II. Horizons of American poetry: - Mikołaj Wiśniewski: Walt Whitman: The Co(s)mic Poet. Inifixing Nature in the "Song of Myself". - Julia Fiedorczuk: "Natural truth": Laura Riding, L-A-N-G-U-A-G-E and the Romantic Connection. - Tadeusz Pióro: A Civic Model of Reading "The Cantos". - Agata Preis-Smith: Gender Masquerade as a Social Statement in Confessional Poems of the 1950s and 1960s. - Ann C. Colley: Explorations in American Poetics: Beyond the Boundaries of the Printed Page. III. Focus on prose: - Lawrence E. Hussman: Surprise Ending: Affirmation and Altruism in [Theodore] Dreider's Last Novels. - Holli Levitsky: The Architecture of Desire in Faulkner's Disembodied "Mansion". - Ewa Turlik: Faulkner's "A Fable". The Poetics and Politics of Displacement. - Stanisław Gieżyński: Dreaming America: Political Desire and Nostalgia in Neil Gaiman's Graphic Novel Series "The Sandman". - Jacek Romaniuk: "Throw your body on the line": Tom Hayden's Rhetoric of Activism from the 1960s to the Present Decade. IV. Constructing ethnic poetics: - Ewa Łuczak: Between Speech and Silence: Sandra Cisneros and Ana Castillo. - Danuta Romaniuk: Literatur and Domesticity in Polish Immigrant Communities in the USA, 1880-1939. - Agnieszka Bedingfield: Striving for Visibility: Use of Photographic Imagery in Asian American Literature. - Joanna Ziarkowska: Photographs in Leslie Marmon Silko's "Storyteller": A Dialogue of the Past and the Present.
Proweniencja:  Rekord powstał w oparciu o otwarte dane bibliograficzne Biblioteki Narodowej (https://data.bn.org.pl)
Numer zapisu:  1299246 (IMP)