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Materiał dostępny za lata 1988-2003

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Dział bibliografii:  Literatury obce
 - Literatura powszechna
  - Historia literatury (powszechna)
Rodzaj zapisu:  książka w haśle rzeczowym
Dział bibliografii:  Teoria krytyki literackiej
Tytuł:  New trends in English and American studies. Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference, Cracow 1990, April 2-7
Osoby współtworzące:  [Red.] Marta Gibińska, Zygmunt Mazur
Instytucja sprawcza:  Institute of English Philology Jagiellonian University
Wydawnictwo: Kraków: Towarzystwo Autorów i Wydawców Prac Naukowych "Universitas"
Rok wydania:  1992
Opis fizyczny książki:  336 s.
Adnotacje:  Marta Gibińska, Zygmunt Mazur [M.G., Z.M.]: Preface. - Hans-Juergen Diller: The concept of ritual in recent drama criticism [Richard Hardin: "Ritual" in recent criticism]. - Władysław Witalisz: The pulpit of wheels: Didacticism and dramatic technique in English Medieval mystery cycles. - Jay L. Halio: New trends In Shakespearean editing: King Lear. - Janja Ciglar-Zanic: Jan Kott and the Shakespearean order of discourse. - Peter New: Re-reading Johnson [Samuel Johnson] - Gerd Rohmann: Intertextuality concepts in English fiction. - Philip Mallett: On liking Emma [Jane Austen: Emma]. - Derek Roper: Emily Bronte's lover [o poezji; z tekstami wierszy]. - Robert Golding: Eccentric speech in Dickens [proza Charlesa Dickensa]. - Michael Herbert: New trends in the study of D.H. Lawrence. - Jean-Jacques Chardin: The concept of modernity in British fin de siecle aesthetics. - Wolfgang Goertschacher: "Outposts - the renaissance of a little magazine [Outposts Poetry Quarterly. Somerset 1944-1990]. - Jerzy Strzetelski: On the verge of the Whirpool [Olivia Manning: Balkan Trilogy]. - Sylvia Ostermann: The woman as subject of discourse in Doris Lessing's novel "The fifth child". - Randall Stevenson: Postmodenism and the contemporary British novel. - Karl-Heinz Goeller: Ecological poetry: its contribution towards a new view of the world. - Elżbieta Foeller-Pituch: The "scribbling women" live again: Revising the canon of nineteenth-century American literature. - Visnja Sepcić: Joyce Carol Oates's remaking of classic stories. - Ugo Rubeo: "Wearing no disguise: A key issue for three contemporary Afro-American poets [Gwendolyn Brooks, Amiri Baraka, Etheridge Knight]. - Monika Fludernik: Truth as signifier and signified in "A touch of the poet": A deconstructionist reading [Eugene O'Neill: A touch of the poet]. - Gordon Ball: Allen Ginsberg and Charles Reznikoff. - Zygmunt Mazur: David as author in Joseph Heller's "God Knows". - Velko Siljanoski: Incosistencies in the interpretation of stress and accent. - Krzysztof Kwaśniewicz: A cognitive approach to English intonation. - Goeff Lester: lexical and semantic aspects of old English poetic diction. - Rolf Herwig: Discourse: Mirror and tool of social relationship. - Mall Laur: The expression of emotions by speakers of Estonian and English
Numer zapisu:  163296 (ZS)