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Materiał dostępny za lata 1988-2012

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Dział bibliografii:  Literatury obce
 - Literatura amerykańska
  - Historia literatury (amerykańska)
Rodzaj zapisu:  książka w haśle rzeczowym
Dział bibliografii:  Literatura współczesna (amerykańska)
Tytuł:  American portraits and self-portraits
Osoby współtworzące:  [Red.] Jerzy Durczak; [współpr.:]. Paweł Frelik
Wydawnictwo: Lublin: Maria Curie-Skłodowska University Press
Rok wydania:  2002
Opis fizyczny książki:  455 s.
Adnotacje:  [Zawiera materiały z konferencji naukowej; Puławy 11-14 XI 2001:] Marjorie Perloff: Avant-Garde Eliot? [T.S. Eliot]. - Heinz Ickstadt: The Image as Collective Mirror: On Portraits and their Function in American Literature and Culture. - Tomasz Basiuk: Homophobia, AIDS-phobia, and the Critical Edge of Gay Autobiography: From "The Best Little Boy in the World" [Andrew Tobiasa] to "Autopornography" [Scotta O'Hara]. - Włodzimierz Batóg: Why Did I Join the Party? A Self-Portrait of Communist University Professors. - Grażyna Branny: Portrait of America in the Polish Dailies of the Interwar Period: 1921-1933. - Aneta Dybska: Redefining "Negro": Twentieth-century Black Nationalism and Ethnic Self-hood. - Piotr Dziedzic: America as Strangeness and Oblivion: The Existential Explorations of H.D. Thoreau, Edward Hopper, and Jean Baudrillard. - Julia Fiedorczuk: The Problem with Self: Laura Riding's "Collected Poems". - Andrzej Filipiak: The Catholic Whig Tradition in the United States. An Intellectual Portrait. - Karsten Fitz: Portraying the American Revolution: Washington's Crossing of the Delaware as American Site of Memory. - Agnieszka Graff: The Third Wave of American Feminism - Portrait of a Young Girl with her Mother Breathing down her Neck. - David Harding: The Correspondence of Thomas Jefferson - a Portrait of a Champion of the Common Man. - Lawrence E. Hussman: Old Masters and Reproductions: American Fiction since the 1890s. - Justyna Kociatkiewicz: "Zelig": The Ultimate American (Self)Portrait [Woody Allen]. - Anna Krawczyk-Łaskarzewska: "The American South - The Glory of Separateness". - Ewa Łuczak: Inverting Lenses: "The New Negro" in Black and White. - Krystyna Mazur: Lesbian Autobiography: Audre Lorde's "Zami. A New Spelling of My Name". - Zygmunt Mazur: Henry Adams and his Self-Portrait: "The Education of Henry Adams". - Małgorzata Myk: Louise Erdrich's Portrait of Contemporary Indians. A New Historical Perspective. - Marek Paryż: Some Comments on the Presentation of the Woman in Clint Eastwood's Film "Unforgiven". - Małgorzata Poks: The North American Mind in the Poetic Critique of Thomas Merton. - Agata Preis-Smith: The Performativity of Self-Representation in Sylvia Plath's Poems. - Danuta Pytlak: The "Matka-Polka" and the Flapper: Portraits of Immigrant Mothers and Daughters in Polish American Fiction (1880-1939). - Fabienne C. Quennet: The Portrayal of the "Adopted Captive": American Identity and Counteridentity Formation. - Jacek Romaniuk: J.S. Kunen's "The Strawberry Statement. Notes of a College Revolutionary" as a Self-Portrait of the Baby Boom Generation of the 1960s. - Agnieszka Rzepa: Elephant's Mug Shot: Americans in Contemporary Canadian Prose. - Jerry Schuchalter: "To paint the American soul": The Great American Novel and its Discontents. - Beata Skwarska: A Portrait in Writing - Louise Erdrich's Little No Horse Panorama. - Marcin Turski: "On with the Story": Self-Portrait of John Barth as a Fabulator. - Konrad Walewski: To Justify and to Overthrow: American Messiah. - Marek Wilczyński: "The Lesson of the Mirror": Ego and Other in the New England Gothic. - Jakub Wójcik: "...Sketched by the Conqueror" - The Portrait of the Indians in the Accounts of Spanish and English Discoverers and Exploreres. - Anna Wortman: Gangsters and Radicals: The Portrait of an American Inquisitor: J. Edgar Hoover and His Concept of Crime. - Grażyna Zygadło: "I'm not like her": Mothers and Daughters in Amy Tan's "The Joy Luck Club" and Erica Jong's "Inventing Memory".
Numer zapisu:  907017 (ZS)